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With the launch of the new website we wanted to do a quick write up to tell a little about who we are. We launched Seven 5 Promotions back in September 2016 after moving to our new location at 495 Holiday Circle. For us a new location meant more than just a building.

In 2013 we launched our online business StickerShark. We sell custom printed vinyl stickers and ship them all across the US. StickerShark is still a huge focus for us, and we are currently doing a full rebranding. On February 2016 we launched our first retail store in Forsyth, and we decided to keep the StickerShark name. Our first 6 months were a huge learning experience, and we quickly began to outgrow our 2,500 sqft building. In September 2016 we moved into our current location which is approx. 8,000 sqft.

With the new location we decided to separate¬†StickerShark’s online and local business. That is when we launched the all new Seven 5 Promotions. We decided to do way more than just a name change. With Seven 5 we started fine tuning our customer service, our product/print quality, and our turnaround times. We learned that local customers need products fast but at the same time we must retain the high quality that was known with¬†StickerShark.


We are continuing to advance our business and hope to become a staple in Central Georgia. Below is just a small list of new things to come.

-Online Payments

-Updated Phone Service

-Quick quoting via website, phone, or text

-New local hours

-New services such as Event DJing, Videography, Website Design, and more.

Come check out our new location on August 24th. We will be hosting a business after hours startings at 5:30 PM. We will have food, drinks, and some awesome giveaways.